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Relaxation can never be more beautiful other than enjoying on the banks of a lake surrounded by green forests and hills. Mukutmanipur is a small town in Rarh in India. Mainly it is famous for its natural beauty. The Kangsabati river flows adjacent to this town. There is a dam on this river which is considered to be the second biggest earth dam in India.

Maithon – Panchet

The water body of Maithan covers an area of about 66 sq km. An exotic natural beauty, adorned with small hills and patches of jungle, makes it a beautiful tourist spot. The area consists a number of small islands as well. It seems that Mother Nature was extra generous to this location. Panchet dam is built on the Damodar River, inaugurated in 1959. It is the fourth of the 4 multi - purpose dams that fall under the first phase of DVC (Damodar Valley Corporation).

Tarapith – Bakreswar –Massanzor

Every year millions of devotees gathers at this place to offer Puja and prayer to goddess Kali, the source of power. The place is also famous for Sadhak Bamakhepa, a devotee of goddess Kali. Bakreswar is a romantic escape with its exquisite natural beauty. The main attraction of this place is the famous for its geological beauty, the hot spring. There are 10 hot springs. Taking bath there is a common practise for tourists. Massanjore is an ideal weekend tourist spot. The centre of attraction is the Dumka dam on Mayrakshi river. It is the calm and serene environment, which has a positive effect on the health status of the tourists.


The most significant ambassador of Bengali literature, Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941) founded a school here in 1901, which later developed into the Visva Bharati University. The school and university here has its own rules and methods of teaching, which very very much different from others, thus showcasing the educational instinct of the great poet. It attracts students and tourists from all over India and overseas. There is a Deer Park 3 km from Shantiniketan which is now a large wooded area with herds of deer and makes a natural bird sanctuary.


It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, covering 4264 square kms in India and the rest in Bangladesh. Mostly it is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger which is its speciality but it also includes some rarities like the Masked Fin foot, Mangrove Pita and the Mangrove Whistler. Sundarban is a must trip for all nature lovers, forest lovers, wild animal enthusiasts, bird lovers and the gentle waves of the rivers take the beauty to another level. This trip will make you take some lifelong memories.


“A beach to yourself” is how one would describe Bakkhali. Close to Sunderbans, it is a halcyon getaway in itself. Away from the hustle bustle of the main city and located around 135 kms from Kolkata, Bakkhali comes across as a treat to its visitors. It is lined with casuarinas and one can take advantage of a mystic sunset here. Being one of the most secluded white sand beaches in India, Bakkhali boasts of a 7km long beach ending till Frasergunj.

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