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The sea recedes nearly five kilometres everyday with the tide - a sight not to be missed. About 2 km away is Balaramgadi where the river Budhabalang meets the sea. A trip through the mouth of the meandering river on a fisherman's boat is an overwhelming experience. You will get an opportunity to watch them cast their nets and catch fishes which is a memorable experience for all tourists. Fish is especially inexpensive here so it is an attractive and exciting practise for tourists to buy different types of fishes at a low price and enjoy their meal.

Mandarmoni – Tajpur

Mandarmoni and Tajpur are absolutely tranquil beach and hotels are along the sea beach. As such, there is no beach side road. The 5 KM long beach itself acts as motorable road to reach many of the hotels or resorts. During high tide period in rainy season, the beach becomes inaccessible. Very high tide reaches the hotel compound.

Shankarpur is in between Mandarmoni and Digha. It is a recently developed sea beach resort. It is also a big fishing harbour. The harbour is always busy with trawlers and fishing boats. The beach is vast and flat with solid sands bordered by high sand mounds and casuarina plantation. The beach is truly calm and quite with exceptionally fewer tourist. A few good hotels & lodges, both Govt. and private, are now available here.

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