Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular and easily accessible Hill State of India. People from all parts of the country as well from different parts of the world visit this beautiful State to enjoy its natural beauty. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a strong Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as its vibrant Tibetan New Year celebrations. The region is also well known for its trekking, climbing and skiing areas.

7 Nights, 8 Days

Day 1 : Arrived Chandigarh Railway Station at Morning and being refreshed at Railway Waiting Room, Departure by Bus to Shimla (Breakfast will be served on the way). Arrived Shimla & Trans. To Hotel. (Distance 120 km, approx 5 Hrs. journey).
Day 2 : Dep. Shimla by Bus after Breakfast to Saharan (175Kms/ Ap prox 07 Hrs journey / Altitude – 6600 Ft. Lunch on the way). Arrv. Sarahan & Trans. To Hotel. Sight Seeing- Vimakali Temple
Day 3 : Dep. Saharan by Bus after Breakfast to Sangla (95 Kms. Approx – 05 Hrs. Journey / Altitude – 8200 Ft.). Arrv. Sangla & Trans to Hotel.
Day 4 : Sight Seeing – Chitkool (26 Kms/ Altitude – 10500 ft). Stay in Sangla.
Day 5 : Dep. Sangla by Bus after Breakfast for Kalpa (Approx 55 Kms) Approx 4 hrs journey) via Recongpio. Arrv. Kalpa & Trans. To Hotel.
Day 6 : Stay in Kalpa.
Day 7 : Dep. Kalpa by Bus to Rampur after Breakfast. Arrv. Rampur & Trans to hotel. (Approx 140 Kms. Approx 7 hrs journey. Lunch on the way).
Day 8 : Dep. Rampur by Bus at suitable time for Kalka/Chandigarh Railway Station (Approx 210 Kms. Approx 8 hrs journey, lunch on the way) to avail any suitable train for Howrah.