Travelling in India have always been an interesting experience. To make your journey stress free and happy, we share some tips on what you should carry while moving. Let us make your travel a bit easier with the following suggestions:


1. A hand sanitizer is a must because many places are germ prone and a sanitizer protects you from getting affected by that.

2. A bank card to fulfil your financial needs.

3. A power bank and a mobile charger to keep your cell phone run at its best condition all the time.

4. A medicine box with some basic essential medicines and first aid support because it may take some time to adjust your health to new conditions.

5. Keep the essential things for your personal care, as you will need it almost everyday.

6. Sufficient amount of clothes because it will not be possible for you to clean them everytime.

7. Sufficient internet and call balance because you may need it most of the time to help yourself.

8. Some dry food like biscuits, nuts and other related items.

9. Always try to carry water with you as you don't know when you will require it the most.

10. The most important one, a good tour operator to make your travelling experiences memorable throughout your life.

So, your checklist is ready. Just go through them once and see if everything is okay and be ready for a perfect trip in this beautiful country. Balaka Tours & Travels will always give you the best support in all related issues.